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Boundless Possibilities

Hello, Meet Gensol

Generic Solutions Inc. is an Information Technology solutions and services provider committed to helping companies worldwide improve their business processes. This we do by delivering IT solutions such as Business Infrastructure Services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and App Development services.

Over the years,

We have provided countless organizations worldwide with key solutions to their business needs. Our deliveries include web services, workflow software, and Infrastructure management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics, among others. Our Offshore Development centre is located in India.

By reason of our smart minds and cutting edge technology, we are continually adding value to businesses. And now we look forward to helping your business grow beyond the height you have always envisioned.

Three things that

Sets us apart are the tremendous size of our talented workforce, our ability to innovate IT solutions adaptable to your unique business system, and our passion for delivering exceptional customer service. Through these strengths, we have kept a plethora of clients happy and their businesses scaling high.

Besides our physical presence at different key locations around the world, we have a global footprint—large scale corporations we have assisted with their IT needs.

Wherever you are and whatever IT services your business needs, rest assured that Generic Solutions has the best solutions to offer.




Our vision is to become a premier Information Technology solutions and services provider. We aim to achieve this by providing the most efficient services and resources to fulfil the needs of businesses worldwide. 



Our mission is to progressively realize our vision by providing innovative, proactive, efficient, cost-effective, quality solutions and services to our clients all over the world and by building a strong internal value system that expresses the highest level of transparency and integrity.



Our customers include large scale corporations, SMEs, and any organization requiring IT solutions for their business processes. We empowers some of the world's top organization and are honored to work not only drive revenue and profit improvements, but also enhance the customer experience.

Leadership Team

Jaya Patel

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jaya is an entrepreneurial leader with passion, perseverance, and determination towards excellence. She oversees all aspects of the company's business operations and corporate direction.

Together with her team, she cultivated the company from its roots as a small start-up in 2005 into a consulting, software engineering, and outsourcing Services Company. This was achieved through years of technological change with a prime focus on adding value to clients' businesses, thus keeping clients more than satisfied.

Ravishanker Patel

Vice President & Head of Technology

Ravi crafts and delivers the company's technological strategy. As the resident technical visionary and strategist, Ravi oversees Generic Solutions' architecture and user experience teams and collaborates on innovation projects. And as the leader of the technology team, he drives an aggressive roadmap, often works hands-on coding, and ensures high levels of customer service and responsiveness to both customer and shareholder needs.
Chandu Sambur

HR Manager

Chandu looks after General Administration and leverages the strategic skills of the #1 Generic Solutions assets—the employees. By creating a culture that motivates and inspires, Chandu helps each employee to find an optimal path for themself and the company. This enables Generic Solutions as a company to make a positive impact on the lives of the employees, shareholders, customers, and the global community the company serves.


Industry Coverage

Gensol serves a wide range of industries, from hotels and hospitals to paper mills, power generation, manufacturing plants and other businesses spanning more than 40 industries across the globe.

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