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Banks have been adopting a broad range of Information Technology to their daily operations. But with the rise of internet banking, the need for more IT solutions grew exponentially.

Technology-intensive solutions in the banking sector aim to enhance customer experience, boost revenue, and reduce cost while mitigating enterprise risks. And Generic Solutions Inc. is well-equipped to offer your financial organization the best-structured solutions to achieve all of that.

For increased performance and customer satisfaction, we have been developing various IT strategies for banks all over the globe. We deliver IT solutions that speed up banking transactions and customer support, analyze internal records, and enhance the checking and prevention of frauds, all to catalyze business workflow and foster customer satisfaction.


Mobility Solutions

People have a great affinity with banking-on-the-go. Your mobile banking should be one that makes life easier for your customers, and Generic Solutions Inc. is up to the task of developing simple, easy-to-use mobile banking apps tailored to your banking requirements.

We are continually helping financial institutions to get more engagement with their customers while ensuring fail-safe security.

Our offerings


Web/mobile Internet Banking

Helping you develop a unified multi-platform adaptable to all devices


App Security Consulting 

Automating app security with our top-level technology for both local and multinational financial institutions 



Generic Solutions provide Customer Relationship Management solutions to help banks better understand their customer and increase sales through Enterprise Resource Planning.


Automated Workflow

content records management and business process automation


Cash Management Systems

A single system where you can manage your corporation's financial accounting, revenue, reports, inventory, procurement, and lots more. 

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