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Deep drive into our

Enterprise Solutions


Supply Chain

Our solutions deliver intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration by digitalizing end-to-end supply chain processes, allowing real time visibility with data-driven decisions.


Our customization and integration of management business software system ensure that you just have bigger visibility altogether of your business departments.

 Infrastructure Management

Our solution optimize the interaction between network, server, and software management from both a technological and business viewpoint.

Workforce Management Solutions

 We can help a complete solution for your workforce, or have an existing workforce management solution you’d like to make smarter.

Design & Insights

Mobile App Development

With vast experience in enterprise app development services, our in-house team can build robust mobility solutions. We integrate technological advancements to provide an excellent user experience and ensure higher productivity. We offer major development approaches when building mobile applications Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid or Progressive.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Through BI analytics, you can make better decisions for your business, customer service, and workflow. And you can be rewarded with heightened customer satisfaction and inevitably, business growth. Let us can help you gain that competitive edge in your industry.


Security Operation Center Design

We have help set up a strong Security Operation Center (SOC) where you can look after your data, network, servers, and database, keeping your network and business flow protected against risks every second of the day. Such risks include malware, viruses, and data breach by hackers, among others.


Staffing Service

  • IT Staffing

  • Professional Staffing

  • Managerial Staffing

  • Accounting & Financial Staffing

Industry Coverage

Gensol serves a wide range of industries, from hotels and hospitals to paper mills, power generation, manufacturing plants and other businesses spanning more than 40 industries across the globe.

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