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Without a doubt, the telecom industry has a lot to do with Information Technology. Over 90% of a telecom provider's business is structured on IT. It becomes crucial that as a company in this industry, your processes are exceptionally efficient, top-notch, and customer-friendly to be able to stand amidst the stiff competition. And at Generic Solutions Inc., we provide breakthrough IT solutions and services tailored for the Telecommunications Industry. 

Through our cutting-edge technology and penchant for innovation, we are well-positioned to facilitate your company's IT infrastructure, minimize technical glitches and downtime while optimizing workflow and revenue.

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Mobility Solutions

We handle the back-end technicalities of your system so that your IT team can focus on your core business processes. 

Our offerings


Telecom IT consulting

Our solutions are strategically aligned with your unique telecom business processes and operations.


Infrastructure Management Service

Generic Solutions assist telecom companies by centralizing their network lifecycle, from the development stage up to beta-testing, thus reducing the margin for defects.


Data Analytics

From our telecom IT services, you enjoy huge data benefits to help you complete and innovate your infrastructure to attain a higher business value.


Business Intelligence

We offer BI Analytics to showcase a detailed view of relevant information relating to your business, enabling you to make valuable decisions towards business growth. 


Customer Experience Management

We offer scalable web and mobile app development services aimed at enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

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