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Video Game Computer


A great game is one characterized by intense excitement, nerve-wracking challenge, complexity, and incredible interest. That is the gaming industry.

Creating fun for people is amazing, but as simple as it seems, it is highly competitive. You have to continually improve on your offer and user experience to keep your customers from moving on to the next game. And to stand your ground amidst this tough competition, you need to ensure all resources are in place, solutions are optimized for best gaming performance, bugs are fixed, in-app purchase is secured with the latest security, and that you have support ready to fix issues and maintain game stability round-the-clock.

Robots with Guns

IT Solutions

Worry not; the highly experienced team of Generic Solutions Inc. is here to make sure your game achieves all of that and so much more. 

Our pool of talented workforce is by and ready to effectively develop and test any game while surpassing players' expectations.

Our offerings


2D & 3D Game Development 

We do not only build the app but also construct advanced storylines and UI for both young and older adults.


Premium UX

With gaming, you want to ensure your game doesn't lag. If it does, players get annoyed and dump. Generic Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to develop your gaming app, ensuring super fluent performance and real-time monitoring. 


Cost Optimization

We help you reduce cost by developing a scalable infrastructure, managing product lifecycle, rightsizing, analyzing resource utilization and power scheduling. 


VR Games

Are you looking for a virtual reality game developer? Let Generic Solutions Inc. be your key to success. We deliver VR-ready game development according to you and your players' needs.


Patches, Fixes, and Updates

Gamers are always excited to see the roll-out of new patches, fixes, and updates to their favourite games. And with Generic Solutions, you achieve these with no downtime and at a minimal cost. 


Our gaming experience encompasses

- Graphic User Interface

- Networking Protocols

- Drivers

- Kernel customization 

- Development of Casino gaming, adventure, sport board games, and lots more.

Get in Touch With Us

We are happy to answer any questions you have, explore potential partnerships and receive requests from interested affiliates. Join us and let us show you how we can help you to reach your potential!

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Explore our job openings and employment opportunities. If you’re an energetic and motivated person in search of a career you’ll love, find out why you should join our team.

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