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Coworkers x Fun
= Better



Start a career at Gensol

Discover, grow, and thrive within a dynamic organization, there are countless opportunities for you to be challenged and to design your own career. Sounds exciting?

Find your fit& Apply today!

A place to work, where solving business problems for customers is our top priority.

We believe that customers need industry-specific solutions and that one size does not fit all. We’re hiring self-starters who want to help top companies solve huge challenges into answers. At Gensol, your skills won’t go stale. Work with people you like while building, solving, tuning and supporting products people love.


We know that our success depends on every person’s unique experiences, background, and talents. That’s one reason we’re prioritize Diversity.

There are many of great reasons to work at Gensol.
Here are just a few...


Leadership is one of our core values and an integral factor in our success internally and externally.


Thriving at work depends on living your best life outside of it, so we support overall well-being with generous time off, stock options, learning continuation, bonuses, and more.                      


We values diversity—it makes us stronger. That’s why we actively recruit employees of all races, colors, sexual orientations, ethnicities, genders, abilities, religions and ages.


You’ll have access to a massive network of possibilities. We build inspiring careers locally and internationally.


We believe that people do great things, when they are given the opportunity and support they need to succeed. We trust in people.

We offer entry-level career opportunities with competitive compensation

Leaders Program

We do not only groom your talent but also bring out the leader in you.


Our Leadership Program gears you up to take the challenge of successfully heading large and strong teams.


We understand that there is personal life after work, so we allow you to work flexible working hours. 



When you work with us, you would be working together with people from all over the world.


Our People Are Our Strength

We have great value for every team member because we believe this is where our strength as a company lies. Although we work in cooperation, we also allow the expression of personal skill and genius, and we do not let these go unrewarded.


Work With A Team Of Like Minds

Generic Solutions is a place where you can put your intelligent mind to the best use. By working together in a team of other talented individuals, you would be fulfilling the dreams you have always had: becoming the genius that people rely on.

Current Job Openings

Whether you're a business analyst, engineer or salesperson, We all share a passion to solve business problems, make solutions easily accessible, usable and valuable for our customers. 

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