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SOC Design

For real-time situational awareness and effective mitigation of cyber threats.
At Generic Solutions, we help companies set up a strong Security Operation Center (SOC). This Center is a set place where you can look after your data, network, servers, and database, keeping your network and business flow protected against risks every second of the day. Such risks include malware, viruses, and data breach by hackers, among others. 
We use a combination of different programs to identify gaps in your digital infrastructure, gaps that could turn up as security threats. And by reason of the firewalls and event management systems we incorporate into the design, your business remains safe. 

Furthermore, our SOC design is such that makes the whole monitoring process easier for your team. We implement designs that trigger alarms and firewalls as soon as a threat is detected, making sure you do not suffer any data loss. Our SOC design is your cybersecurity.

SOC design is not only for high-end enterprises. 

Even if you are a retailer or private vendor, your business may have vital data and networks prone to breach. Of course, we live in a world of data; information conveyed from one point in your business to another. 


At each point in your workflow, there is a tendency for data challenges. It could be a malware, if not a hacker. But the disaster is catastrophic. For that reason, there is a rising concern for retail businesses to incorporate SOC design as a form of cybersecurity. We can help you create a flexible design that meets your business needs, no matter how complex.

After we have designed your Security Operation Center, you can select your team of IT professionals to monitor your system. You can as well leave it to our expert hands.

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