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Why Businesses Are Adopting Latest Technology for Their Supply Chain

In the world, as we know it today, technology has spread like wildfire to every sector of the economy. It has shaped the industrial world, and businesses are looking for ways to incorporate the latest technology into their supply chain management to boost efficiency, speed and foster customer satisfaction. 

Virtually all aspect of the supply chain is now executed digitally via Information Technology. Work data can be sent from a database with the use of the Internet, and being able to send and receive information in real-time is critical to the success of the supply chain network. 

Because the supply chain involves supply and financial transactions, industries are now looking for ways to adapt blockchain technology into their infrastructure for a fail-safe, tamper-proof and decentralized record of transactions. However, most enterprises are still well behind. But we are here to help. 



Our Solutions and Services 

Generic Solutions is committed to providing businesses with strategic solutions to make their supply chain efficient and hitch-free. Our Supply Chain Management solutions are a comprehensive suite of intelligent systems harnessing the latest technology in social networking, business technology, machine learning, many-to-many networks, and web/mobile apps. We aim to streamline the supply chain process by facilitating the speed of product/service delivery and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. 

Our offerings


Intelligent Business Planning, Forecasting, & Execution


Shipping Software


Supply Chain Control Towers


Digital Transformation 


Product Data Management 


Intelligent Logistics & TMS


Design of Procurement and Order Management Software (OMS) 


Manufacturing Execution Software Design


Product Design Solutions


POS Software Design

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