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Organizing Data

Workforce Management Solutions

Increases administrative efficiency, improved compliance, and better customer satisfaction.
Generic Solutions Inc. can help your organization streamline the employment process, thus reducing risk and saving money through strategic consulting, program management, independent contractor engagement, and payroll services.
At Generic Solutions Inc., we provide daily transactional support between contract workers and staffing vendors. We keep the communication open and smooth, enabling your HR team to get in touch with the employee or contractor you need. 
Our programs also create visibility that helps organizations manage risk, account for their contractor headcount and spend strategically to minimize wastage.

Our Contract Workforce Management services enables

  • Centralize hiring processes

  • Prepare contracts, and

  • Monitor temporary and project-based statements of work talent.

We also offer Independent Contractor Classification and Payrolling. If you already know which contractor you want to work with, Generic Solutions Inc. can help standardize the process of hiring, signing up, time and expense tracking, invoicing and payments. We create a third-party contractual relationship with your contract worker by using our proprietary worker classification methodology, which is required for due diligence and administration of each contractor.

However, it is worthy to note that Generic Solutions Inc. is not a staffing agency. Generic Solutions’ vendor-neutral capacity allows us to act as an objective party, free from any conflicts of interest that may arise when an organization payrolls its independent contractors through a staffing agency.

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